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At the core of ACOP’s program the project focus is on musical instruction and the world of music.  ACOP’s music program is based on weekly activities in which children learn the techniques of the instruments, music theory & music history.  Our children are divided into Classic Music Orchestras, Latin/Afro-Caribbean Orchestras, Chorus and Dance. ACOP also offers in some schools evidence-based literacy, life skills, reading intervention, fitness and homework assistance. All programs take place at schools, parks and other institutions by pre-screened and qualified specialists in the area of music.

Our music instructors and personnel of ACOP are all subjected to background checks from the Police Department and the F.B.I.  and all come from diverse backgrounds.  Majority of our instructors are of Latin/ Hispanic origin and are bilingual in Spanish and English.  With a large demographic of Latin-American and Haitian children in the South Florida area, our Children Orchestras for Peace are a popular and educational program that teach children the roots of their culture.

The ACOP music programs cater to the artistic development of our children and provides an extraordinary opportunity for disadvantaged youth to enrich their lives through music. ACOP’s Program Coordinators work closely with the music instructors to ensure that goals are met. No child is able to enter class without first receiving an evaluation. 

Data is evaluated by trained staff through File Maker ACOP software and the Children’s Trust Data Tracker & SAMIS. Monitoring is an on-going activity during the life of the project.

ACOP involves family members, and the neighboring communities, regardless of social and economic barriers to participate in the magic of music.

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